Elite Security Services:
EPG's expertise is in high risk security assignments for, personal protection, corporate, small business, and
special events.

Loss Prevention/Industrial Security:
Our "On Point" presence greatly enhances the effective Loss Prevention component that is a vital
asset to your business. We post at elite retail outlets, warehouse distribution centers and Industrial Sites. We also provide tactical security escort for high value asset transfers.

Threat Assessment and Analysis:
EPG takes great pride in thoroughly researching and investigating our client's security concerns and providing
effective, solid solutions. Be it a single Protective Service Agent or a fully armed Counter Assault Team with
armored transport and Long rifle support. In a world of uncertainty, your safety and security is priceless!

Travel Assistance and Planning and Estate Security:
EPG offers several additional programs, including Executive Protection Manny and Nanny service,
Travel assistance & planning (including advance party work) and training of in house staff.
We can secure your home with on site 24/7 security or around the clock patrol service.
We offer training in First aid/CPR , Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and special security
procedures to client staff and disaster preparedness training.

Vacation and Tourism Security Escort:
Vacations and travel, in general, present challenges for individuals and groups of travelers on vacation.
Rest assured that with our team of personal security experts, your visit will be enjoyable, safe and care free.
Our security agent(s) will accompany you, your family and friends to restaurants, tourist attractions, clubs and events to make certain you are all secure, safe and enjoy your visit.

Uniformed Agents:
We are capable of fielding Uniformed armed and unarmed officers on short notice. These officers are
state licensed and have one of the best on-the-job training and continuing education programs in the
State. Trained by our Sister company LRI (Long Rifle Institute). These officers provide a high
visibility deterrent to crime.

Plainclothes Agents:
Executive Protection Agents, Personal protective agents, Robbery Suppression, and undercover
Security professionals are available for assignment. We have both Male and Female (Manny and
Nanny) Child protective specialists available.

All executive protection operations require extensive planning and coordination to accomplish the
mission of securing our client. Operations include everything from static security at the clients home or
business to the transporting of the client through a high risk area. All aspects of EPG operations revolve around consistency in Training and function. EPG stands prepared for any challenge through the implementation of a standard training plan and Published Standard Operating Procedures.


All EP agents complete Protective Services Training at our sister company, The Long Rifle Institute.
This training is in addition to any prior training or experience they may have had in Law
Enforcement or the Military. All Staff have completed background checks and Drug screening.

EPG agents are always equipped with the tools necessary to follow the use of force continuum. This
includes less than lethal devices such as pepper spray and impact weapons.

Law Enforcement Coordination:
It is vital that the EP team leader designate a team member as a Law Enforcement Liaison. Usually
local Law Enforcement will have an Intelligence Unit that will provide direct communication for
effective response to any situation.

Tactical Enforcement Team:
High Risk response teams, capable of addressing high threat operations, including strike security,
Business interruption mitigation, and Special Event Security.


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